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Root of the Problem

The nervous system is the body’s wiring. If there’s something wrong with the wiring, the signal does not reach the intended body part, and this may result in discomfort.

Established Practice

All of our Osteopaths are registered with the General Osteopathic Council (GOSC) and are fully qualified and insured as per their regulations under The Osteopaths Act (2000).

7 ways to avoid seeing an OsteoPath

THE Report that Osteopaths don’t want you to see . . . FREE !

7 ways to avoid seeing an OsteoPath

THE Report that Osteopaths don’t want you to see . . . FREE !


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Myths about Osteopathy

Too many people think of osteopathy as just “another complementary therapy” when it is clear that osteopathy was born from the practise of medicine.

Osteopaths are often (incorrectly) thought of as back specialists or glorified masseurs, when in fact osteopathy can be used to treat a wide range of conditions and use a large number of techniques (including massage).

Osteopaths will work on any number of different parts of your body depending on your symptoms. This could include your back, arms and head (and this type of head orientated treatment is sometimes carried out by a specific cranial osteopath).

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