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What are osteopathic maintenance visits? Osteopath4Health

What are osteopathic maintenance visits?

Many people won’t see an osteopath unless there is something wrong. It’s not surprising – it’s unlikely you’d see a doctor unless you felt unwell.

However, those little aches and pains you tend to ignore may become an issue if left untreated. Your lifestyle or your job may be affecting your body – perhaps you spend hours sat at a desk, or driving. Do you end up with aching muscles in your lower back or neck and shoulders?

When subjected to daily stress and strain, your muscles are forced to adapt. And if a muscle becomes fatigued or gets pulled, it doesn’t automatically result in pain. Usually your muscle will tighten up and go into spasm, which is painless. In fact, you may not even realise it’s happening. And this means that you may carry on straining your muscle until the wrong movement triggers a severe contraction, which is excruciatingly painful.

Osteopathy isn’t just about treating an injury or painful condition – it is a system of preventative medicine. We believe that prevention is far better than cure. Hence our maintenance visits!

A maintenance visit is the human equivalent of getting your car serviced. We all understand that a vehicle needs to be regularly checked to avoid breaking down.

But how many of us consider doing the same for our bodies so we don’t break down?

It’s simple – instead of oil and air filters, it’s your joints, muscles and ligaments that will be checked.

During your appointment, your osteopath will gently manipulate and mobilise your joints, suggest some helpful lifestyle tips and exercises that will keep you ticking over.

By visiting an osteopath on a regular basis, you are much more likely to retain good mobility and stay pain- free and independent for longer. And if there are any potential issues, they will almost certainly be picked up much earlier by your osteopath.

Ask any osteopath and you will find that many clients are regarded as ‘maintenance’ rather than ‘treatment’. The majority of these people are being effectively treated well into old age and are reaping the benefits of regular osteopathy:

  • Better mobility
  • Fewer aches and pains
  • Less need for medication

What if I have recently recovered from an injury or am living with a condition such as osteoarthritis?

Regular osteopathic maintenance visits are even more important! After all, we don’t want your symptoms to return!
Our aim will be to regularly monitor your health, maintain your body’s optimal function, help your body combat against any potential setbacks and effectively try to control any recurring symptoms if your condition is degenerative.

Maintenance treatments may take place every few weeks or every couple of months. It really does depend on your individual needs, which will be thoroughly discussed before any maintenance plan is decided.

So don’t wait until you’re in pain – call Osteopath4Health today to book a maintenance visit.

For further information, then please ‘Ask Andy’. There’s really no need to suffer in silence, help is at hand. You can either book an appointment by clicking here or by calling our Billericay Practice on 01277 650010; Pinner Practice on 0208 868 3555 or Parkstone Practice on 01202 734211.

Author Info

Andy Caughey

Andy graduated from the college of osteopaths in 2000. He has a keen interest in sports and is a qualified sports therapist. He is proficient in the use of electrotherapy including ultrasound and interferential and will also include new therapies such as Kinesio taping in his treatments.

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