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Osteopathy for Headaches

Osteopathy: an effective approach to headache treatment.
The most common type of headache originates from muscle stiffness or joint strain in the neck and upper thoracic region. Other causes include:
Eye strain
Sinus congestion
Whiplash injury
Poor posture
Jaw imbalance and teeth grinding
Allergies and food intolerances.

Your osteopath can help to:
Improve your general mobility
Improve the mobility of your ribs and thoracic and cervical spine
Reduce muscular tension, nerve compression and inflammation
Improve blood supply and drainage to and from the head and neck
Advise on posture, exercise and stretching to help prevent a recurrence of symptoms
Offer guidance on diet and hydration
Advise on improving the ergonomics of your home or workplace.
Some people may worry that their headache has a serious underlying cause, but for the vast majority of headaches there isn’t a serious cause.

Osteopaths, as primary health care practitioners, are trained to differentiate between headaches with common causes and those due to serious pathology. You should always seek advice if your headache is getting worse or if you get a headache after a head trauma.

You should also seek professional advice if the headache is accompanied by:
Nausea or vomiting
Bleeding or fluid draining from the nose or ears
Blurred vision or speech
Numbness, tingling or paralysis.

If you get regular headaches, try keeping a headache diary
If you experience headaches regularly, keeping a headache diary can help identify these triggers and ultimately help them avoid them. A headache diary allows you to record important details about your headaches, such as symptoms, frequency and other. This diary will provide your osteopath with important information.


  • 1Eye strain
  • 2Sinus congestion
  • 3Whiplash injury
  • 4Stress
  • 5Poor posture
  • 6Jaw imbalance and teeth grinding